The Spring Ridge HOA was notified that the parcel of land for sale at 178th and Pacific is under contract by a developer with the intent to rezone the parcel and construct four three-story apartment buildings with a clubhouse.

The HOA challenged the rezoning and development due to the following concerns:

Traffic Impact: There will be no egress to Pacific so all traffic in and out of the complex with happen on either 178th Street or Poppleton Avenue. This will heavily impact stop light wait times and school zone pick up and drop off.

Detriment to Property Values in Spring Ridge: The disclosed projected rate for rent within this complex is lower than the average market rate for Elkhorn, as well as the aesthetic impact to our entrance.

Effects of Rezoning: Should the project not progress to completion once rezoned, the parcel is still then rezoned for multi-family use for the next purchaser.

Please email springridgehomeowners@yahoo.com to share concerns or voice support.

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The Planning Board approved the Zoning Change request despite HOA efforts.